About us

About us

Kokett is a platform that connects  with  stylists who specialize in afro hair, hairstyling and Beauty. We want to simplify the search for Afro stylists and beauticians. With Kokett there is the possibility to find experts in close proximity. What style? What language? Where? We bring together customers and stylists.

On Kokett you will find not only hairdressing salons or studios, but also freelance, flexible and mobile stylists at a fair price.

Our history

The platform kokett.net was established in 2018 to allow customers to find Afro hairstylists quickly and easily and, on the other hand, to help these hairstylists to work legally in Germany and thereby reach  more customers.

The idea of a platform for interacting with Afro hairstylists was launched in 2017 after we noticed how difficult it is to find professional Afro hairstylists in many regions in Germany.

The existing Afro-Hair salons are overpriced and it is often difficult to find an appointment there. That’s why many people get the hair done by family members, friends or acquaintances.

The platform Kokett solves this problem by finding Afro-Hairstylists with just a few clicks.