Frequently asked questions

General questions

You can use the services of the platform in Germany. As an Afro Hairstylist, you can specify the place where you work. As a user, you can enter your current location while searching and contact the Afro-Hairstylist of your choice. However, it is possible that there are currently no offers in a specific region. In this case, please contact us and we will try to find an Afro hairstylist in your area.

Yes. Registration and use of the Services are free of charge.

No, not yet. The platform is still under construction. The Afro-Hairstylist can currently only be contacted by phone.

Please contact the Afro-Hairstylist or the customer early so that you can find an alternative for you.

Please contact us at

Stylist questions

Yes, it is possible to work in cooperation with Kokett even without a master’s certificate. If you are interested in registering with Kokett, as an expert for Afro-Hairstyling , please write us an e-mail to:

Yes, as a student you are welcome to register with us and work as an Afro-Hairstylist as part-time work, if you have enough experience. If you are interested in registering with Kokett, please write to us so that we can help you with the formalities:

The platform is intended for independent and employed Afro hairstylists who are familiar with afro hair and hairstyles. Experts have the opportunity to significantly increase their visibility as well as their revenues.

Yes, the Afro hairstylists of a salon can register on the platform in coordination with the salon management. At, Afro hairstylists have the opportunity to work from home, at the customer’s house or in the salon. By the way, the Afro-Hairstylists can also improve their income and increase the notoriety of the salon.

Yes, it is also possible to offer your service on Sundays at the customer’s request and after agreement with the customer. Please make sure to have a rest and to make some time off.


Yes, after registration, the stylists remain independently. You are responsible for your work and offers, in particular regarding income tax returns and other tax matters.