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How does it work??

Providing services as an Afro-Hairstylist on the Kokett platform has many advantages. Thanks to the additional customers you will get to know via Kokett, you can significantly increase your reputation as well as your income. Above all, you are flexible at the same time, because you can work exactly according to your wishes and your personal availability.

Become part of the community

To become a stylist in the Kokett community, you must first create an account. Please provide details. With your registration, you’ll be part of the community. In this way, we support you to work legally and attract more customers. Please fill out the form in the confirmation email and send it back to us.

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Create your profile

Show who you are: After registering as a stylist, you can add all the necessary information and images to your profile. A detailed profile increases your chances of being contacted by many customers. Make a contact with a customer, you are going to agree on the meeting place, the desired Afro-Hairstyle and the price.”

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Style your customers

This is the core of your creative work. Convince with competent, personalized advice and friendly service.

Become a stylist at Kokett!

Do you know about afro hair? Can you braid, weave or cut?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Now offer your services on Kokett.

We welcome you and your service professionally. This will allow you to expand your reach and potential customer base. And, of course, make more money.

You are expert and independant. This means: You decide how, where and when you work. Whether at home, in the salon, on weekends – you have the choice.  Register now