General Terms of Use

General Terms of Use

The Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement (“Use Agreement”) between you and the Platform The policies governing your use of the Kokett Platform are hereby incorporated into this User Agreement.

1. User obligations and restrictions

Here we explain what we do and what we expect from you as a user

  1. net provides service providers, namely Afro hairstylists and beauticians, to customers.
  2. After making contact, the Kokett platform is not responsible for the performance of the respective service. The Afro-Hairstylists or the beauticians and the customers are responsible for the good cooperation between the parties.
  3. In addition, the Kokett platform is not responsible for testing all Afro hairstylists or all beauticians who offer their services on the platform.
  4. By registering, the users agree to the Terms of Use included herewith.
  5. Violation of the Terms of Use will result in the removal of users from the Platform. Both service providers and customers have a duty to report any violation of the Terms of Use.
  6. The platform is only responsible for the mediation of Afro hairstylists and beauticians.
  7. The platform provides only the information that is added by the users of the platform. The users are responsible for all information they publish in their profiles.
  8. On the platform, advertisements about beauty products, new offers, etc. can be displayed as banners or as a spot. Kokett can send the user special offers by e-mail .

2. Responsibility of service providers in connection with the provision of services on the platform cannot be held liable for the declaration, collection, refund of taxes related to the remuneration that service providers have received from a customer. The service providers are solely responsible for any declarations to the respective tax administrations and the competent authorities regarding the amount of income from services they have provided. The platform cannot be held responsible in any way for the failures of the service providers in this regard.

3. Liability

  1. net shall not be responsible for damages which are the direct result of omissions, delays or other non-performance of the obligations under this contract.
  2. The service providers are responsible for the performance of the services and ensure that they do not infringe the rights of the other party in any way. The providers confirm by setting their respective profile on the Kokett platform that the services comply with the applicable legal regulations.

4. Service providers of the platform

If you are 18 years old or older, you can create an account on the platform. The platform is intended for Afro-Hairstylists with or without a master´s certificate, for employed Afro-Hairstylists as well as for service providers with an entitlement to practise in accordance with § 7 of the German Crafts Ordinance ( HwO ) or with an exemption approval in accordance with § 8 of HwO. You will be entitled to practise in accordance with §7 HwO or you will get an exemption permit in accordance with § 8 HwO from the competent chamber of crafts.

In order to get a practising permit in accordance with § 7 HwO, you must prove the following qualifications as a hairdresser

  1. A conclusion of a relevant apprenticeship (final examination) is required.
  2. You must demonstrate a professional experience of at least six years, including four years as a manager.
  3. You need commercial and general legal expert knowledge. Your training and work certificates as well as job descriptions serve as proof.

When you apply for an exemption permit in accordance with § 8 HwO . you can get an unlimited exemption approval for the following reasons: your age (for example over 47), health problems, your limitation to specific activities of the hairdressing business. This makes it possible to get an exemption if, for example, you want to become self-employed as a men’s hairdresser or as a hair designer and do not use chemicals in your work. Or if you primarily want to start a beauty salon and only offer braided hairstyles or pony haircuts.

5. Termination of the contract

This Agreement is an open-ended contract; as such, it can be terminated at any time by  or by the users for no particular reason by simple written notification. In the event that the users commit any of the following breaches or infringements—such as unauthorized commercial activity, unusually high damages, unpaid invoices, fraudulent means of payment or other fraud or criminal offences—the Kokett platform reserves the right to block the users’ access to the platform and to delete the relevant user profile.

6. Privacy Policy

The following privacy statements inform you about the nature and scope of the processing of so-called personal data used on the platform Personal data is information that is directly or indirectly attributable to you or that can be assigned to you. For the purpose of mediating Afro-Hairstylists or beauticians, all necessary data of service providers, namely e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, are made available to registered customers. In addition to facilitating the platform-related service, we also use the data collected by you as a user within the portal for the purpose of informing you from time to time about new offers and promotions. By accessing the website of the platform, various information is exchanged between your terminal and our server. This may also be personal data. The information collected in this way is used, among other things, to optimize or improve our website.

7. Intellectual Property

The service providers guarantee to be the exclusive or licensed owners of all intellectual property rights, such as rights to images, which are necessary for the marketing and distribution of the services offered. The service providers authorize the operators of the Kokett platform to use this content on the website as advertising or marketing material without additional permission. In the event that the service providers do not have the rights to the corresponding content, they are liable and must therefore reimburse the costs incurred as a result.

8. Complaint

Any complaint, regardless of the type of service, must be sent to the Kokett platform by e-mail to The complaint shall be detailed and the reasons for the complaint shall be clearly stated. Customers, who submit complaints, can revoke them at any time.